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Seafood Display Cases

High Performance. Attractive Aesthetics. Energy Efficiency.

Don't Just Preserve Your Product. Showcase It to Maximize Sales.

Stark seafood display cases are also the industry’s finest. They are designed, developed and engineered with features that help improve your bottom line. Such as money-saving, energy-efficient, dependable operation, 24/7/365. Heavy-duty, stainless-steel construction to withstand the harshest treatment in the most unforgiving environments. Commercial-grade waterproof LED lighting in a variety of colors and hues available to enhance the vibrant colors of your product. As well as built-in misting and fogging features.

Plus, our customized cooling system is so dependable, our display cases require no ice — that’s right! This eliminates the labor and downtime it takes to set up, maintain and tear down that frozen mess each day.

In all respects, Stark seafood display cases are in a class all their own. See below for a full list of options available to further customize operation and performance.

Shoprite, Riverhead, NY • Closed Case with Refrigerated Front Merchandiser

Whole Foods, Commack, NY

Uncle Giuseppe's, Melville, NY • Custom 18' Case, 3' Freezer, 3' Ice Table

More custom display cases and lobster tanks

City Fresh, Astoria, NY • Custom Open Case with 2 Refrigerated Front Merchandisers and Built-In Lobster Tank

Uncle Giuseppe's, Melville, NY • Custom 3' / Single System Tier Lobster Tank

Citarella, Hudson Yards, NY • Custom Open Display Case with 2 Built-In 6' Lobster Tanks

Food Emporium, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn • Custom Open Case, Refrigerated Front Merchandiser with built-In Lobster Tank

Food Emporium, Howard Beach, Queens • Custom Open Case, Refrigerated Front Merchandiser, In-Line Lobster Tank with Refrigerated Front Merchandiser, Custom Freezer mounted above the Lobster Tank

Options for display cases

  • Fog system
  • LED lighting
  • Wrapping boards
  • Scale stands
  • Risers (angled)
  • Risers (step pan)
  • Wrapping paper bracket mounts
  • Stainless steel product pans
  • Steps