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Revolutionary Lobster Tanks and Seafood Cases Engineered for Sales and Savings.

Made to Order and Built to Last Right Here in the USA

Our products are durable, beautiful, ultra-dependable and virtually self-sufficient.

What do our customers need most in seafood containment today? Dependability. High performance. Energy efficiency. Simple maintenance and ease of operation. Self-sufficient units that require no costly third-party servicing.

Customizability? Absolutely. At Stark, we not only offer a broad range of products, models and sizes, but we also build to order right here in the USA. We customize capacity, dimension, configuration, operation, temperature — you name it! We build standalone wholly self-contained units, or we seamlessly integrate our products with your existing plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, and other facility infrastructure.

Why invest in a Stark? So that you and your customers never have to settle.

Built to Last: Advanced Research, Engineering, and Design

We custom-design and develop the finest built, longest lasting, most self-sufficient, and highest performing TRUE biologic lobster tanks and advanced seafood display cases the industry has to offer.

Display Cases: Serving the Needs of Food Retailers

Stark seafood display cases are also the industry's finest. They are designed, developed and engineered with features that improve your bottom line, such as money-saving and energy-efficient.

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