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About Us

Raising & Redefining the Standard for Quality Performance

Stark Products custom-designs and develops the finest built, longest lasting, most self-sufficient, and highest performing TRUE biologic lobster tanks and advanced seafood display cases the industry has to offer, enabling our customers to consistently provide the freshest, healthiest and best-tasting food — every day, all day.

The Science of Selling Seafood

What makes a Stark the finest lobster tanks and seafood display cases in the business? Everything that goes into them. Every component. Every raw material. Every moment of tireless engineering and detailed craftmanship. As well as the ecological integrity of our TRUE biologic system, of course. It’s the only one of its kind. This is revolutionary, proprietary technology that perfects what the ocean floor does naturally, without you having to change the water. All this innovation and more goes into a Stark. All the savvy. All the science. It all adds up to a level of performance that remains unrivaled in the industry.

We insist on using, for example, only 100% medical-grade stainless steel. We source the finest, clearest, scratch-resistant, commercial-grade acrylic. All joints are fully seam-welded for neat, smooth and watertight seals — no nooks, no crannies, no silicone. No place for bacteria to take hold and compromise your product. Plus, with simple training, your staff can operate and maintain our tanks and cases unassisted — easily, efficiently, effectively, and with no expensive third-party contracts. Consider the tangible savings: reduced inventory shrinkage, lower operating costs, day-to-day hassles eliminated. Significant business benefits.

But what’s the ultimate advantage of a Stark? The unparalleled quality of your inventory. Your seafood stays healthier. Looks more appetizing. Attracts more customers. Remains fresh, flavorful and tender longer so it easily cooks to perfection. And most of all, it tastes as if it were plucked right out of the ocean. That’s what makes us the very best.

Make your mark. Invest in a Stark.

A History of Innovation.

Stark is known industry-wide for innovation in filtration. That’s the secret to the incomparable performance of a Stark lobster tank. In fact, our proprietary TRUE biologic filtration technology is so effective, you never have to change the water! And it is this same spirit of excellence and efficiency that drives the design and development of our unmatched seafood display cases, as well.

In 1977, our founder, Morton Starkman, had a vision to create the finest large and small holding and display systems possible for freshwater and saltwater fish, serving national chains of supermarkets as well as restaurants and neighborhood fish markets. From those early days and onward, our willingness to push the quality envelope remains our most distinguishing factor. Our revolutionary breakthroughs in marine filtration would soon lead the company to design, develop and install complex aquariums for such places as New York Zoological Society and the Staten Island Zoo.

With a commitment to research and development that remains second to none, and now led by CEO, Omiros Giouroukos, Stark Products inarguably produces the industry’s premier biologic lobster tanks and high-performance seafood display cases, bar none. Whether serving the needs of local fish markets and restaurants, massive wholesale distributors, or partnering with some of the largest and most respected brands of supermarket chains worldwide, Stark Products continue to set, raise and redefine the standard for quality performance in seafood containment today.

Leading by Example

Excellence is actually easy to sustain, when you think about it. If you want to produce the absolute finest products, you hire the finest people. The sharpest talent. You inspire them to excel, empower them to achieve and allow them to innovate.

Welcome to Team Stark… the top of the food chain.