About Stark - History


In 1980, Stark Aquarium Products purchased 20,000 SF of land in the College Point Industrial Park from the Public Development Corporation (now "EDC") and established a manufacturing and research facility. Stark Aquarium produces large and small holding and display systems for fresh and salt-water fish for national chains of supermarkets as well as restaurants and fish markets. The company has built major aquarium projects for the New York Zoological Society, the Staten Island Zoo, and the Jamaica Aquarium in West Indies. The company has been innovating marine filtration systems for over 20 years and is known for product excellence in the market place. The company enjoys excellent relationships with all national chains of supermarkets.

In addition to expansion of Stark Aquarium Products business, the principals are establishing a new fish manufacturing, research and teaching facility to produce live and fresh fin fish using enclosed filtration technology. The company has been working with researchers at the University of Maryland, Superfish and Selonda Aquaculture (a Aquaculture company in Athens, Greece) to develop technologies to grow live shrimp and fish in closed systems. These groups are world leaders in the fields of sea bream production. They have been associates of the company for many years doing studies in Aquaculture. In addition, Stark has been conducting experimental studies at its own research facilities at the College Point facility for the past 10 years. Now the company has reached a stage where, it intends to establish grow-out facilities and build this aquaculture business.