Macrobiotic Fisheries - Sea Bream

Sea Bream

Sea Bream (Dorade Royale/Orata), a mouth watering fish from the Mediterranean Sea, has captured the imagination of European chefs for centuries, and now that a variety of the Dorade has become readily available in the USA on a regular basis, it appears to be seducing to many of Manhattan's most visible chefs.

Little wonder. Sea Bream is a small fish with tender flesh, shimmering silver skin and when grilled or braised a reach succulent meaty flavor, similar to that of pompano or red snapper.

This fish that chefs have been using however is not the wild Mediterranean fish which is short in supply because of overfishing. The Dorade being served here is a farmed fish produced by a variety of fish farms using giant mesh cages cared for in the Mediterranean Sea, where the water is clean and the temperature is moderate.